Stauer 20319 bruksanvisning

    A - DAY DIAL
    C - CROWN
    This watch features three
    distinct watch face displays:
    day dial, month dial and a
    calendar date window.
    1. Locate the crown on
    your Stauer watch
    (above diagram part C).
    Please note the three
    crown positions (0-1-2)
    in part C of above
    2. Before the watch is worn for the first
    time, wind the crown, by hand, 15 to
    20 cycles by rolling the crown clockwise
    (away from you) while in the “0” (zero)
    3. To set the calendar date window (part F):
    Pull the crown out to the “1” position
    and rotate the crown counterclockwise
    (toward you) for proper date selection.
    4. To set the time: Pull the crown out to
    position “2” (part C) which will allow
    you to position watch hands for
    proper time selection. Once time is
    set, push crown back into original “0”
    (zero) position.
    5. To set the month dial (part B): Press the
    month button (part E) to advance the
    hand. The month hand will advance
    one month at a time after each press of
    the button.
    1. To shorten or lengthen a hook on our
    watch bracelet, lay the watch down on a
    soft surface, insert a flat tool (tweezers) in
    the groove on the tab and lift up. After
    setting the desired size press the tab locks
    securely into position.
    2. To adjust a fold–over buckle bracelet, care-
    fully remove only the pushpin from the
    bracelet side ( not the buckle side), using a
    sharp pointed tool. Reposition the pin as
    Stauer Meisterzeit Watch
    6. To set the day dial (part A): Press the
    day button (part D) to advance the
    hand. The day hand will advance one
    day at a time after each press of the button.
    • Please remember to wear your Stauer watch
    each day to ensure its lifelong accuracy and
    dependability for your timekeeping needs.
    By continually wearing your Stauer watch
    you will be taking full advantage of its state
    of the art automatic winding feature which
    allows the watch to function on kinetic
    power (simple body movement).The kinetic
    movement enables your Stauer watch to
    never require batteries and never require
    additional winding after it has been initially
    wound for the first time. Your Stauer watch
    will stop running if it is not properly kept in
    motion by daily wear. It can, however, be
    reactivated simply by instilling motion by
    being worn. When not wearing the watch,
    resting the watch on its side (with the crown
    facing towards the ceiling) will help to keep more
    accurate time.
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Stauer 20319 – specifikationer

Varumärke Stauer
Modell 20319
Produkt Klocka
Språk Engelsk
Filtyp PDF

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