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EBKS10 Electric Blanket User Manual EBKS10 Electric Blanket User Manual EBKS10 Electric Blanket User Manual

Please follow all the safety precautions listed
below for safety and to reduce the risk of re,
injury or electrical shock.
Read the following instructions carefully •
before using the blanket and retain the
instructions for future use. If you pass this
product to a third person, please include
these instructions.
Remove any packaging material and •
promotional stickers before using the electric
blanket for the rst time.
Fully unwind the power cords before use.•
Use the electric blanket only with the •
detachable controllers provided.
If any abnormality or defect in operation of •
this blanket is observed, discontinue its use
immediately and consult a retailer’s service
agent or similarly qualied person.
Regularly inspect the supply cords, plugs, •
controllers and blanket to ensure that the
appliance is in serviceable condition. If found
damaged in any way, immediately cease use
of the blanket as a safety hazard may exist.
It is recommended that a qualied and •
registered person inspect your electric blanket
after each 3 years of use.
The appliance is supplied with specially •
designed controllers and no attempt should
be made to repair them.
There are no serviceable parts inside the •
Use this blanket only on a 220-240VAC mains •
When removing the plug from the mains •
supply, hold the plug not the power cord.
The mains plugs are the ultimate means of •
disconnection from the mains supply. At
all times the mains supply plugs must be
unobstructed and freely operable.
The installation of a residual current device •
(safety switch) is recommended to provide
additional safety protection when using
electrical appliances. It is advisable that a
safety switch with a rated residual operating
current not exceeding 30mA be installed in
the electrical circuit supplying the appliance.
Consult your electrician for professional
WARNING: If a power cord is damaged, it must be
replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent
or similarly qualied persons in order to avoid a
Use this blanket as an under blanket only. This •
product is not recommended for futons or
similar folding bedding systems.
Do not use the blanket rucked, rolled or •
folded. Spread it out fully.
This blanket is not recommended for use on •
an adjustable bed. If it is used on an adjustable
bed, check that the blanket or cord cannot
become caught or rucked.
The blanket must not be used over or under •
a waterbed.
Make sure that the heating area (wire element) •
does not hang over the edge of the mattress
on any side of the bed.
Arrange the blanket so that it is not beneath •
pillows and / or bolsters.
Keep the control units away from open •
The exible power supply cords and switches •
must, as far as practicable, be kept outside the
Do not use pins or sharp objects with this •
blanket they may damage the electric
Do not coil or lay the exible lead on the •
Do NOT use this blanket on a single bed.•
This appliance is for domestic use only. It is •
not intended for use in hospitals.
Do not tuck in the blanket.•
To avoid overheating, this blanket must be •
kept in the fully spread condition at all times
during use.
Bed clothes should not be folded back when •
the blanket is switched on.
Do not leave heavy objects on the bed when •
the unit is switched on.
Switch o at the power outlet and remove the •
plug when the blanket is not in actual use.
It is dangerous to use a hot water bottle at the •
same time as an electric blanket.
Do not use this blanket with an infant, an •
inrm person or anyone unable to detect or
regulate the temperature for themselves.
The blanket is not to be used by young •
children, unless the controls have been pre-
set by a parent or guardian, or unless the child
has been adequately instructed on how to
operate the controls safely.
Use only for human use, not for pets.•
Using this product over a long extended •
period can result in skin irritation or burns.
Persons suering from bed-wetting should •
not use this product.
Do not switch the power on if the blanket is •
wet or in a folded state.
This appliance is not intended for use by •
persons (including children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or
lack of experience and knowledge, unless they
have been given supervision or instruction
concerning use of the appliances by a person
responsible for their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure that •
they do not play with the appliance.
If the blanket gets soiled, follow the cleaning •
instructions in full.
Do not switch the blanket on if it is wet or •
after washing. Allow it to dry naturally.
Do not dry-clean this blanket. Cleaning liquids •
may damage the insulation or covering of the
heating unit.
Avoid pressing creases into the appliance.•
When storing, allow the blanket to cool fully •
before folding. Fold neatly, but not tightly (or
roll) in the original packaging without sharp
bends in the heating element and store where
no other objects will be placed upon it.
Before using this appliance ensure that the
voltage of your electricity supply is the same as
that indicated on the blanket label and the rating
plate of the controllers.
Model: EBKS10 King-size Electric Blanket
Type: Tie-down underlay design
Size: 143 cm x 150 cm approx.
Voltage: 220-240 V~, 50 Hz
Power consumption: 2 x 55-65 Watts
Net Weight: 2 kg
Class II construction double insulated.
This product must not be connected to
Your appliance is covered by a warranty for 12
months from the date of purchase. If a fault
develops during this period, please return the
unit to your nearest Tesco store together with the
original receipt as proof of purchase. This warranty
in no way aects your consumer rights
UK: Waste electrical products /batteries
should not be disposed of with
household waste. Separate disposal
facilities exist, for your nearest facilities.
See www.recycle-more.co.uk or in-store
for details.
ROI: Produced after 13th August 2005.
Waste electrical products/batteries
should not be disposed of with
household waste. Please recycle where
facilities exist. Check with your Local
Authority or retailer for recycling advice.
Remove all exterior packaging from the appliance.
Carefully remove the blanket from the polythene
storage bag. Retain the bag for future use. If you
dispose of any packaging please do so according
to any recycling regulations.
The dual controller plugs connect to two sockets
which must be located at the pillow end of the
electric blanket.
Connecting a controller plug
Push the plug fully home into the socket, ensuring
that the security latch has engaged on the pin at
the side of the plug.
NOTE: The plugs are polarised so will only t the
socket when correctly aligned.
Blanket wiring1.
Heat control2.
Temperature scale (braille)3.
Power indicator4.
Tie tapes5.
Cord to blanket6.
Temperature scale7.
Power cord8.
Removing a controller plug
Lift the security latch.1.
Pull out the plug.2.
EBKS10 V0.3
CAUTION: Always hold both the plug and socket
when connecting or disconnecting a controller.
NEVER pull on the cable or blanket to disconnect
a controller plug.
Tesco EBKS10

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