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    Getting started

    Chapter 1

    Important information

    Ensure that your domestic mains supply voltage
    matches the voltage indicated on the identication
    sticker located at the back of your set. Where the
    mains plug or an appliance coupler is used as
    disconnect device, the disconnect device shall remain
    readily operable.
    On certain models, the light indicator is located at the
    side of the TV set. The absence of a light indication
    at the front does not mean that the TV set is fully
    disconnected from the mains. To disconnect the TV
    set completely, the mains plug must be pulled out.
    The TV set’s components are sensitive to heat. The
    maximum ambient temperature should not exceed
    Celsius. Do not cover the vents at the back or
    sides of the TV set. Leave sufcient space around
    it to allow adequate ventilation. Install the appliance
    away from any source of heat (replace, ...) or
    appliances creating strong magnetic or electric elds.
    Moisture in rooms where the set is installed should
    not exceed 85% humidity. Apparatus shall not be
    exposed to dripping or splashing and no objects
    lled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed
    on the apparatus. Moving the set from a cold place to
    a warm one can cause condensation on the screen
    (and on some components inside the TV set). Let the
    condensation evaporate before switching the TV set
    on again.
    or POWER/
    button on the TV set or the
    button on the remote control can be used to switch it
    on and put it into standby mode. If you are not going
    to be watching the TV for a lengthy period of time,
    switch it off completely by removing the plug from the
    mains power socket.
    During thunderstorms, we recommend that you
    disconnect the TV set from the mains and aerial so
    that it is not affected by electrical or electromagnetic
    surges that could damage it. For this reason, keep
    the mains and aerial sockets accessible so they can
    be disconnected, if necessary.
    Unplug the TV set immediately if you notice it giving
    off a smell of burning or smoke. You must never,
    under any circumstances, open the TV set yourself,
    as you run the risk of an electric shock in doing so.
    TV screen
    The TV screen used in this product is made of glass.
    Therefore, it can break when the product is dropped
    or impacted upon by other objects.
    The TV screen is a very high technology product,
    giving you nely detailed pictures. Occasionally, a few
    nonactive pixels may appear on the screen as a xed
    point of blue, green or red. This does not affect the
    performance of your product.
    Use a glass-cleaning product to clean the screen and
    a soft cloth and mild detergent to clean the rest of the
    Important: Using strong detergents, alcohol-based
    and abrasive products may damage the screen.
    Dust the vents at the back and sides regularly. Using
    solvents, abrasive or alcohol-based products could
    damage the TV set. If an object or liquid enters inside
    the appliance, unplug it immediately and have it
    checked by an authorized engineer. Never open the
    appliance yourself since this may put you at risk or
    damage the appliance.
    Hanging the TV set on the wall
    Warning: This operation requires two people.
    To ensure a safe installation, observe the following
    safety notes:
    Check that the wall can support the weight of the TV
    set and wall mount assembly.
    Follow the mounting instructions provided with the
    wall mount. For certain models, make sure to screw
    the hexagonal VESA wall mounting screw bosses
    (and screws) provided with the set into the nuts for
    the wall mount at the back of your set before your
    wall mounting.
    The TV set must be installed on a vertical wall.
    Make sure to use only screws suitable for the
    material of the wall.
    Make sure that the TV set cables are placed so that
    there is not danger of tripping over them.
    All other safety instructions about our TV sets are
    also applicable here.
    Handling the TV set on the table
    Before setting up your television set, make sure that
    the surface you want to put the set on can support its
    Don’t place the set on an unstable surface (e.g.
    moving shelf, very edge of a unit) and make sure that
    the front of the television set does not overhang the
    surface it is sitting on.
    This product is designed and manufactured
    with high quality materials and components
    which can be recycled and reused.
    This symbol means that electrical and
    tronic equipment, at their end-of-life,
    should be disposed of separately from
    your household waste.
    Please, dispose of this equipment at your local community
    waste collection/recycling centre. In the European Union
    there are separate collection systems for used electrical
    and electronic product. Please, help us to conserve the
    environment we live in!
    To prevent the spread of re, keep candles or
    other open ames away from this product at
    all times.
Thomson 40FT2253

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Kitt Marteng , 8-9-2019 19:57:30 1 kommentar

Hur ska jag göra för att byta källa o kunna titta från analogt Till digitalt ??

Carina Sarri, 16-8-2020 13:33:20

Hur ska jag byta från analog till digital tv

Hur ska jag byta från analog till digital tv
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Har den digitalmottagare i tv;n

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funkar denna tv Thomson 40FT2253 med boxer tv-modul HD

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Jag försöker koppla in Tv. Använder knappen och fjärrkontrollen men det går inte ändå. Är det säkring? Eller mer allvarlig fel som bör repareras på verkstad.

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Katarna, 22-8-2016 15:36:06 Inga kommentarer

Hej Undrar om man kan ändra inaktivitetstiden? Alltså den som säger att nu har du varit inaktiv så länge att TVn snart kommer att stängas av. Jag skulle vilja kunna ändra tiden till att TVn stängs av efter 1h. Mvh Katarina

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