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Veho Muvi X-Drone VXD-001-B
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Please read this disclaimer carefully before using this product. This product is not suitable for people under age of
18. By using this product, you hereby agree to this disclaimer and signify that you have read it fully. You agree that
you are responsible for your own conduct and content while using this product, and for any consequence thereof.
You agree to use this product only for purposes that are proper and in accordance with local regulaons, terms and
any applicable polices and guidelines.
1. Any part of this disclaimer is subject to change without prior noce.
2. Veho reserves the right of nal interpretaon of this disclaimer.


Please read internaonal and domesc airspace regulaons and rules before using this product, should never use
this product in a way that infringes upon or contravenes internaonal or domesc laws and regulaons. You agree
that you are solely responsible for your own conduct and content while using this product, and for any direct or
indirect consequences caused by not following this manual, violang or disregarding any other applicable local laws,
administrave rules and social habits thereof.
This product is a ying camera that oers easy ight both indoors and out when powered normally and in a good working
1. This product works most eciently with genuine Veho accessories. Veho shall not be liable for any damage or
legal responsibilies to this product and/or accidents resulng from malfuncons of non Veho accessories.
2. Be sure to check all connecons and keep children and animals a safe distance during system calibraon and
parameter seng.
3. The compass is very sensive to electromagnec interference which can negavely aect ight performance.
For opmum performance regularly calibrate the compass before ight and at new ying locaons.
Do not calibrate the compass in environments with a strong magnec eld (such as near power lines or radio towers).
If you are unable to calibrate the compass it may be aected by metal in nearby objects, for example manhole covers.
Please move to a new locaon and try again.
Do not carry items such as keys or mobile phones when calibrang the compass.


Carry out each of the following steps carefully before every ight
1. Fly safe. Stay away from obstacles, crowds, high-voltage lines and other possible sources of electromagnec
2. Check that you aren’t overloading the aircra.
3. Check that the propellers and the motors are installed properly and rmly before each ight. Check that the
rotaon direcon of each propeller is correct. Do not get close to or touch working motors or propellers to avoid
serious injury.
4. Avoid interference between the controller or on-board Wi-Fi device and other wireless equipment.
5. Check that smartphone baery, X-Drone baery, controller baeries and repeater baery are full.
6. Make sure the lock switch on the baery compartment is locked before taking o. If the baery is not locked it can
slide out of the baery compartment during ight, causing the X-Drone to lose power and crash.
7. Switch on controller rst, then power on the X-Drone. Upon landing, power o the X-Drone rst and then switch
o the controller.
8. Check that all parts are in good condion. Do not y with aging or damaged parts.
9. Do not y near areas with magnec or radio interference. These include but are not limited to: high voltage lines,
large scale power transmission staons, mobile base staons and broadcasng towers. Failing to do so may
compromise the transmission quality of this product, cause controller and video transmission errors and may
aect ight orientaon and locaon accuracy.
10. Do not use in severe weather condions including rain, snow, heavy wind, hail, lighng, tornado or hurricane.
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Veho Muvi X-Drone VXD-001-B

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