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Installation instructions for the Yepp® Mini

Installation instructions for the Yepp® Mini

The Yepp Mini is suitable for carrying children up to a maximum weight of 15 kg (about 3 years old)
and meets European standard EN 14344. Do not use the seat if your child can’t sit upright, at least
for the time of the journey.
The Yepp Mini with its stem adapter is suitable for common bicycles with 26 or 28 inch wheels and
a round steel stem with diameter of 21 - 28 mm.
Assemble the seat (pic.1). Tighten both hexagon screws firmly tight (torque 4Nm).
Attach the handlebar stem fitting to the handlebar (pic.3). Tighten both Hexagon screws
firmly tight (torque 8Nm).
If you have a Ahead type handlebar system, you can use our special Ahead adapter (art.
The Yepp Mini is attached in two stages. Press the red button on the bottom and pull
simultaneously the grey handle to the rear (pic.4a). Position the seat over the lip on the
clamp. Release the slide and push the seat straight down until it clicks into place (pic.4b).
This means that the seat is secured automatically. Check this by pulling the seat upwards. If
it’s secured properly, you will not be able to pull it out.
For additional safety, always lock the seat (pic.4a). Make a note of the key number so you
can get a replacement if the original key is lost.
To remove the seat, perform the above actions in reverse order (pic.8a+b).
Place your child in the seat and position the footrests to the correct height (pic.6). Connect
the straps once the footrests are in the correct position.
Close the 5-point harness and adjust it to the correct length (pic.7). To open the buckle:
press both halves of the clip in and push both sides at the same time.
Instructions for use:
Make a test ride, without your child, to see of everything is mounted correctly and the seat
does not affect the cycling and everything is still functioning.
Always close the straps. Make sure your child is not able to remove its feet, but be sure the
child is not hurt if they are too tight.
Cleaning of the Yepp Mini is simple: clean with lukewarm soapy water. Never use aggressive
cleaning agents.
If you have any doubts regarding the assembly of this seat on your bicycle, we recommend
you obtain further information from your bicycle dealer.
Warnings and Safety advices:
WARNING! Never modify the seat yourself.
Always remove the seat when putting the cycle on a cycle carrier on a car.
WARNING! Do not use the seat if any part of it is faulty. Any broken part must be
replaced immediately. Consult your dealer.
WARNING! Never leave your child unattended in the seat.
WARNING! Note that cycling with a child in a child seat can affect the way the cycle
behaves, especially when going round corners and when riding off. Use the Yepp Mini only on
bicycles that are suitable for carrying the extra load. Check the manual of the bicycle or ask
the bicycle manufacturer for advice.
WARNING! Never carry bags or other luggage in the seat. If you will carry additional loads,
they should be placed at the opposite site of the bicycle, for instance when you use a front
seat you should place the luggage on the rear luggage carrier.
Check after assembling if all fasteners are tightened properly and everything functions correct.
Make sure that the Yepp Mini is locked at all times by turning the anti-theft lock in the in
"lock" position with the adjunct key (pic.7b). This is safe and prevents possible theft of your
Yepp Mini

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